Diving & Snorkeling Tours

Oman with its 1700 Km coastline is renowned for its rich underwater beauty, with hundreds of safe and awe-inspiring dive sites to choose from. There are many superb dive sites around the capital area, including Cemetery Bay, Fahal Island and Daymaniyat Islands. The other dive sites are Bandar Khairan. The sea-life is abundant with a variety of hard and soft corals present and shoals of fish. Night dives are popular and divers are often astounded by the amount of phosphorescence found in Oman’s night-time waters. 

Dive Sites

A group of 9 islands protected by UNESCO since 21 years, sanctuary for migrating birds and Oman’s premier nature reserve. These islands offer 12 dive sites located 35 minutes from the Dive Centre, beautiful coral gardens, reefs, walls, large pelagic fish, turtles, rays, leopard sharks and our old friend the whale shark is a frequent visitor!!!

The islands are formed from ancient fossil reefs and limestone that have emerged from the ocean. Some of the richest coral cover and best coral reef development in Oman occur in these islands, and they are the proposed site for the country’s first national marine nature reserve.

The Damaniyat islands consist of nine islands and many submerged rocks, in an east to west alignment, which form the base for well developed coral reefs. Abundant coral growth extends to up to 20 m depth, in water that has the highest clarity of any coral growing area in Oman. The species-abundance structure for the area is magnificent.

Reefs of Al Fahal Island offer some of the most beautiful reefs and abundant diverse coral coverage to be found in Oman. Of the 39 genera of corals that have been found in the Muscat area, all but three occur at Al Fahal Island, on three nearby rock pinnacles which range in depth from 17 to 35 m.

Fahal Island dives often involve fining through an ‘L-shaped’ tunnel through the island. The island attracts many sharks, namely black tip reef sharks and lemon sharks, some of which are around 4m in length. There are many table and brain corals surrounding the island.

The 3,000 ton ship was sunk in 30 meters of water in the turquoise waters of Bandar Khairan close to the country’s capital, Muscat.

Bandar Jissah provides 5 excellent dive sites with wonderful corals and boulders to swim around. It has a shallow depth of 15 meters.

A large area of outstanding beauty, with rocky outcrops, deserted beaches and small islands accessible only by boat. The underwater scenery does not disappoint with stunning rock falls, picturesque walls and reefs festooned with colorful arrays of coral and tropical fish. Bandar Khayran offers shallow bay dives and deep wall dives.

Night dives are popular and divers are often astounded by the amount of phosphorescence found in Oman’s night-time waters.