Special Tours

Archaeological Tours

Step in the caravan of time, sit back and relax through a journey of the untapped history of mankind. Oman, situated at the north-eastern tip of Arabia, sits at the crossroads of the old world civilizations and cultures: Mesopotamia in the west, Indus Valley (Melluha) in the east. Oman offers visitors archaeological treasures from 3rd and 4th millennium BCE to modern day detailing contacts with kingdoms and cultures in Southern Arabia, Land of Punt, Old Egypt, China and Central Asia.

Oman sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and the Empty Quarter provides archaeological pundits with the leads into the civilization of Magan, described in the Sumerian cuneiform as the land of copper and strong and knowledgeable navigators.

These tours take you to landmarks along the course of Oman’s history in two distinct tracks: the Eastern Hajar and Western Hajar. The Hajar mountain range is the backbone of Oman’s topography which has impacted Oman’s history ever since history can remember. Divided by the Sumail Gap, these mountains present Oman in an easy and understandable fashion for researchers keen on examining the link of geography, anthropology to pure archaeology.


Geological Tours

It is recognized worldwide that Oman has a geological heritage so unique and so accessible that it is almost unrivalled anywhere on earth. It would possibly take a lifetime wandering around the world to observe all the geological features which can be found in Oman. The geology of Oman represents a cross section of almost all the rocks in our planet. It includes upper mantle, continental and oceanic crust rocks. Its rocks vary in age from those over a thousand million years old to sediments formed by recent wadi flushes. It also includes a wide range of various sediments from deep oceanic to shallow marine and continental. Fossils of all kinds are found in rocks of all ages. Oman has much to offer to the professional and amateur geologist.

Our tours cover geological places of interest which include Saih Hatat Anticline at Qantab, Jissah, Wadi Meeh Quriyat, Yitti Beach, hot springs at Hammam Ali, Al-Khoud conglomerates, cretaceous carbonates rocks of Oman, the spectacular angular unconformity, glacial deposits and 600 Million year Fossils at Al-Khoud old village, Fanjah and Al-Jufnayn to name a few of the vast hidden geological treasures.

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Deserts & Dune Bashing Tours

Our deserts and dune bashing tours take you into the heart of Oman’s vast expanse of deserts, namely the golden hued Ramlat Al Sharqiya, commonly called Wahiba Sands.

Our tours cover simple activities like watching the sunset over the dunes to a seven days camel crossing program across the desert. Indulge in dune bashing, go on a camel ride, watch the spectacle of the sun setting over the golden hued dunes, visit a bedouin family or simply relax in a tented camp in the middle of the vast desert and indulge in a `Shuwa’ dinner while the tranquility of the desert envelops your senses.


Bird Watching Tours

Oman has varied landscapes and habitats; from lush green mountain slopes, never ending beaches, coastal lagoons, parks and gardens, desert plains, sand dunes, fjords and open sea, which ensures a wide mixture of birds at any time of the year. Lush green, mist covered landscape during monsoon in the South provides another variation. About 468 species of birds can be found in Oman. The best time for bird watchers to come to Oman is during the cooler months between October and March. September and October are hot but do give yourself the opportunity to witness migratory birds and some of the Dhofar Region specialties.

Some of the common resident species are Striated Heron, Western Reef Heron, Egyptian Vulture, Osprey, Grey Francolin, Kentish Plover, Sooty Gull, Swift Tern, Indian Roller, Crested Lark, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Arabian Babbler, Purple Sunbird, House Crow, Brown-necked Raven, Common Mynah, House sparrow, Indian Silver bill and Graceful Prinia. There are also a wide variety of Common migrant and seasonal species.

The key sites to bird watch in Muscat are Al Ansab Lagoons, Al Qurm Park, and Sunub Waste Disposal site, Yiti and the Hotel  gardens. Masirah Island, the wadis of Oman and the Dhofar region also provide opportunities for bird watching.

Camping Tours

Oman is an enchanting country that is populated by the friendliest of people in the world. It is a country that beckons you to discover the remnants of a civilization that goes back to the beginning of recorded history; to explore a land with diverse nature; to travel and camp around in a country, that is, one of the most safest and peaceful region under the sun. 

Camping tours are the best way to discover this beautiful uncharted destination without destroying the environment and also help to support eco-tourism. There are no fixed camping sites in Oman. Just take a pick from the innumerable lovely sites for your camping. It is the only way to identify closely with nature and we at Mark Tours are fully geared to make your camping tour a memorable one. We will also provide vehicles with roof tents.